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Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online with Swagbucks



If you want to make money online easily then you can try Swagbucks. Though it does not assure huge cash flow, it is quite simple to earn points on various methods it provides.

You can complete short surveys, watch videos, enter competitions, test products, etc. –all from the comfort of your home.

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online with Swagbucks

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online with Swagbucks

Now let’s explore each way to earn money with Swagbucks:

Make Money Online with Swagbucks |

1. Watch Videos and Review Content

Make money online with Swagbucks | Watch Videos and Review Content

Literally, everyone watches online videos these days. So, you too can make money online while watching videos.

On the Swagbucks platform, there is a dedicated section on websites and mobile apps. They are all dedicated to rewarding the users for watching video playlists. Also, it pays for reviewing the content of different websites.

If you are consistent with this approach then you can make approx. $5 per day just watching videos. There is a wide range of fascinating video categories like tech, health, entertainment, travel, etc.

You can explore the Swagbucks Watch channel to watch amazing videos. You can download  Swagbucks Watch mobile apps to earn money watching videos.

The top search engine websites like Bing and Google earn money from running ads from their searches. If you modify your search browser to Swagbucks, definitely, you can make extra money from daily tasks like searching the web.

2. Conduct Online Surveys

Conduct Online Surveys with Swagbucks |

In your spare time, you can make money with this approach. You may get fed up reading your emails, social media feeds, Snapchat stories, etc.

At the end of the day, in some spare time, you can conduct online surveys on Swagbucks.

First of all, you need to signup on to Swagbucks with this link. Now verify your email address and then complete your profile.

On the Swagbucks mobile app, there are plenty of surveys available. You can conduct any surveys you like from your smartphone.

Keep in mind that getting paid for taking surveys may take some time. Have patience and you will gradually see money getting amassed.

For conducting online surveys on the Swagbucks website through your laptop or PC or mobile, you can visit this link.

3. Test Products and Services

The brands and marketers pay Swagbucks users to test their products and services. The idea behind this is to obtain sincere feedback. In several cases, the amount of money that marketers pay will encompass a part of the cost of the service or product itself.

But there are few cases in which the companies reward users with a higher price than the cost of the service. An example of this can be covering the initial year of membership.

Frequently, this is the case with the subscription services wherein advertisers want to attract customers into an opening trial of their service. For that, they anticipate that the customers would stay subscribed post the trial period.

4. Participate in Competitions

Participate in Competitions with Swagbucks |

If you want to try your luck, you can enter competitions on Swagbucks. There are limited-time giveaways available on this platform. The gift price may vary depending on the type of product.

For instance, you can win a tech gadget and even a luxurious vehicle. Keep in mind that this is a type of gamble because you have to actually spend SBs to enter each competition.

You can enter a competition for winning 50 SB. However, it may cost you 2 SB to participate.

Visit this link to participate in competitions on Swagbucks.

5. Play Games Online

Now you can enjoy gaming while simultaneously making money. Apart from paying you to download as well as play games, Swagbucks too host several games of their own.

It is possible to earn a maximum of 10 SB per game. Certain games demand you to reach a specific level before you earn any SBs. Such games pay you decent money subsequently.

Visit this link to play games and make money on Swagbucks.

Play Games and Make Money on Swagbucks |

If you have a decent amount of general knowledge then you can try Swagbucks Live. It is a live quiz app.

You can download the Swagbucks Live app here.

It is free to participate in the game. Similar to most live quiz apps, you must have a goal to correctly answer multiple-choice questions. The higher the number of correct answers the more amount you can win.

It is possible to win up to $1,000. Note that when you answer wrong, you will be eliminated.

6. Look out for Swag Codes

Swag Codes are phrases or codewords which the company releases for creating that the company releases to create a bit of gossip about the site. It intends to get back the members on the homepage.

You can download the SwagButton browser extension here to get notifications for ‘Swag Codes’ the moment they are available.

You can receive 50SB for installing the extension. The notifications which you receive from the browser extension inform you where to find the code.

For example, you can find the code on the Swagbucks blog, Facebook, or Twitter page.

After finding the code, you have to input the ‘Swag Code’ box inside the sidebar present on the left side of the page. This method lets you earn SB points easily and instantly.

7. Other Best Swagbucks Deals

Apart from the ways discussed above, there are few more approaches you can try.

Here are the few best Swagbucks deals you can try out.


If you want to create a website then use Bluehost to host your website. The hosting service from Bluehost provides deals that begin at $2.95/month.

When you use Swagbucks to sign up, you will receive a decent amount of cashback. This cashback amount would be more than the cost of your whole year of hosting.

Click here to receive cashback from Bluehost through Swagbucks.


Try out the video streaming service from Hulu for only $5.99 for a month. You would obtain more cashback than the entire cost of the trial.

Click here to receive cashback from Hulu through Swagbucks.

Final Words

The discussed approaches are easy to follow for making money on Swagbucks. With consistency and persistence, you will gradually see how you make decent money with this platform.

You can check the website daily to stay updated on free money offers and other savings.



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