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Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online with Fiverr

/ has emerged as the leading source of micro outsourced services across the Internet. A wide range of businesses, both offline and online, are currently using the services provided from this platform.

It is a marketplace where anybody can sign up and sell services starting from $5. These services can be writing & translation, transcript, logo design, backlinks, video creation, social media services, etc.

The exciting aspect about Fiverr is that once sales begin to grow, it continues to grow. In short, it is a platform for exchanging services in digital media.

Make Money Online with Fiverr

Now let’s look at various effective ways for making money online with Fiverr:

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online with Fiverr

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online with Fiverr

1. Selling Your Social Media Skills

Selling Your Social Media Skills on Fiverr

If you are skilled at building online followings and making virtual posts on various social media platform then this approach is for you. These skills can be prominently useful to various businesses.

Your experiences on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), handling marketing campaigns, or customer engagement are extremely applicable to various career paths.

To sell your social media skills on Fiverr, you need to have 3 major skills.

1. Understanding of how to generate engagement on social media

2. Ability to adapt tone and content for various social platforms

3. Ability to create a following on your social media

As a freelance social media advisor on Fiverr, you can offer packages to grow followings or social media tactics of businesses.

You can also do picture sourcing or editing tasks or provide startup social media profiles from the beginning.

Click here to start selling your social media skills on Fiverr.

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2. Design eBook Covers

Design eBook Covers on Fiverr

If you can identify and capitalize on trends then you become successful at making money online.

Since the last decade, self-publishing has emerged. There are thousands of authors who work on eBook formats earning money from their writing. Presently, there is a huge demand for digital book cover designs.

For designing eBook covers on Fiverr, you need to have several skills. The same include designing skills, time management, visual analysis skills, and image making skills.

Moreover, you need to stay updated with knowledge of visual trends in the field of publishing.

When you work for this job on Fiverr, you can be asked to create customized templates or covers.

To start designing eBook covers on Fiverr, click here.

3. Writing and Translation Services Jobs

Writing and Translation Services Jobs on Fiverr

Some people are adept at writing quickly and translating. If you are one among them, this approach works the best for you.

If you can write 400+ words within 12 minutes then you can charge a base rate of $25/hour.

The key thing to note is you need to write high-quality content so that buyers will return in future. No need to be a tech wizard.

If you know multiple languages then you can work as a translator. In this job, you will be asked to translate documents, articles, books, and more.

Also, you gain an opportunity to educate the language to somebody as a private tutor for individuals.

Click here to start working as a writer or translator on Fiverr. Click here to know more about various freelance writing jobs skills.

4. Freelance Web Research

Freelance Web Research on Fiverr

You can earn significant money if you can save time of businesses by reducing some of their tasks. The freelance web research is a well-known time-saving gig.

To earn money with this approach, you need to have some patience. The skills you need to have are attention to detail, research skills, and ability to gather information in concise reports.

You will be asked to track down email addresses and brand mention or images online.

Moreover, you can diversify this gig into tailored online-research tasks like gathering information about #1 hits, collecting background material for journalists and writers, etc.

Click here to begin your job as a freelance web researcher.

5. User Testing

User Testing on Fiverr

If you are fascinated at gaining access to the future trends then user testing is the best approach for you.

Working as a user tester does not lay a significant work experience on your resume. However, it can keep you encouraged as a freelancer when you pick gigs that are thrilling or original or focused on career.

By testing products, often, you get paid to try things which you would be otherwise willing to purchase.

To work for user testing, you need to several key skills. They include confidence while sharing your viewpoints and eagerness to try using new products that you will not usually buy.

Also, you must have writing skills to showcase your views concisely and clearly.

Based on the type of user testing gig you pick, you might need access to transport for collecting or returning products.

Also, you need to have access to a camera phone. It is great if there is a facility to record screen or audio while recording.

You may be asked to provide feedbacks on games, apps, and websites to the customer services and complaints.

When you excel as a user tester in specific niches then there are higher chances of obtaining early access to the product.

To start working as a user tester, click here.

6. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services on Fiverr

When you choose this approach for making money on Fiverr, the payout ranges from $5 to $100 per gig.

As a virtual assistant, you gain the opportunity to work from any part of the world. The typical tasks include making phone calls, scheduling appointments, arranging for travel, and handling email accounts.

Keep in mind that you need to stay organized and capable to deal with multiple schedules.

Click here to work as a virtual assistant on Fiverr.

7. Video Spokesperson Services

Video Spokesperson Services on Fiverr

You need a camera on your phone and a rough script, that’s it, and start shooting. You can work as a spokesperson for a company or brand.

Make sure you are comfortable while recording yourself in front of camera. Also, you should be fluent enough while speaking on a particular topic.

The typical tasks include making video tutorials or walkthrough. You may be also asked to explain a service or product.

To begin working as a video spokesperson, click here.

Final Words

These are the easiest and effective ways to make money on Fiverr. Once you build your profile well on this platform, you gain more opportunities to earn high-paying gigs.



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