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Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online with Google Adsense



Google AdSense is a free, easy approach to make money online by putting ads on your website.

With AdSense, you can display appropriate and engaging ads to visitors on your site. You can use it to personalize the appearance of the ads to match your website.

These ads are made and paid for by advertisers who wish to market their products. Because the advertisers pay varied prices for varied ads, the amount of money you make will vary.

There is no need to pay for using AdSense. Google pays you for impressions, clicks, and other interactions through the Google ads displayed on your website.

Visit this link and click on the “Sign Up Now” button. Simply provide the URL to your website along with your email address.

Go through the topmost 3 ways to make money with Google Adsense:

Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online with Google Adsense

Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online with Google Adsense

1. Make a YouTube Channel and Upload Videos

Make a YouTube Channel and Earn Money with Google Adsense

One of the popular approaches people use to make money with Adsense is by making a YouTube channel. It is useful to obtain an approved AdSense account.

Earning by writing blog posts is obviously one of the famous methods. However, everyone is not skilled at writing and many of them like to create and record videos. If you are also one of them then you must try Adsense to make money.

You have to first make an account on YouTube and then create a free channel. Next, begin uploading original videos created by you. Use your mobile phone for recording original videos.

Alternatively, you can use editing and video recording tools, for example, Camtasia for creating screencast videos.

Based on your interest, you can create videos on cooking, unboxing gadgets, fashion-related videos, how to use a product, etc. There are limitless possibilities for creating videos, based on your interest and skills.

Once you have set up your YouTube channel with around 5-10 quality videos, you are now eligible to make money from your uploaded videos.

After you have set up your channel, head over to the features of your YouTube channel. Now turn on monetization.

It gives you the possible options to link your Adsense account to your YouTube channel. Hence, it becomes easy to monetize your videos.

Once you have connected your Adsense account to your YouTube channel, you can select the particular videos to monetize. Also, you can choose what kinds of ads to be displayed to your video viewers.

Visit your Video Manager and check the video which you want to monetize. Next, select the particular video’s ad settings.

To make the most of your money making strategy with this approach, follow the below tips.

Tips to create advertiser-friendly videos:

    • Follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines.
    • You can visit this link that shares useful tips on topics relevant to creating YouTube videos.
    • Refrain from including content filled with profanity. Remember to not make videos that include adult themes, violence, harmful acts, controversial issues, inappropriate language, drugs, illegal acts, firearms, dehumanization, and other such bad content.
    • Keep in mind that several advertisers choose to include ads on positive videos. Hence, Google AdSense will not serve ads over the content that does not support advertisers’ duty.

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2. Create an Appropriate Type of Website for Google AdSense

For this approach, you will need a website and a Google Adsense account.

Firstly, click here to sign up for a Google Adsense account.

Create an Appropriate Type of Website for Google AdSense

When you advertise through Google Ads, you need to connect your website to your online ads. If you don’t have a website, first create it.

It is possible to create a website for free. Your online ads will connect to this website. You can use it as an opportunity for allowing customers to know in detail about your business.

In case you don’t want to create a website, create a local page with Google My Business. Next, you need to advertise with Smart campaigns in the Google Ads.

The two vital aspects you need to consider are posting great quality content and the second is a lot of traffic.

When it comes to content, 2 types let you earn significant money. The first one is that attracts new people every day to your site. The second type brings visitors back every day.

You need to have a good balance for both. In this way, you can bring significant traffic to your website. Also, it makes sure a decent part of the new traffic leads to loyal visitors.

The following types of websites can attract new visitors and can also bring visitors back:

    • News sites
    • Blog sites
    • Niche social networks
    • Forums and discussion boards
    • Free online tools

The mentioned above are not the only types of sites you can create. However they are the simplest ones for optimizing with quality content, promote.

After selecting the website type, the next thing is to find a great layout that can display content as well as get clicks on your Google AdSense ads.

Know more about creating a website for your ads with this link.

3. Make Money with Auto Ads

Make Money with Adsense Auto Ads

AdSense auto ads feature a simple approach to optimize your ad revenue. They allow Google to carry out all the manual operations on behalf of you.

Through auto ads, Google makes use of machine learning to automatically insert ad units within your website. Moreover, it optimizes them without superseding pre-existing ad units.

Google intelligence chooses ads that perform the best for you and places them where they provide the maximum efficiency.

For getting started, simply add a code snippet to those pages on which you want ads. Subsequently, you can vary the settings in your AdSense account with the help of the toggles.

You can select which ad formats to display without editing the code. Also, you can choose which type of ad you wish to use with auto ads.

Click here to get started with Google Auto ads.

Final Words

It demands a little patience and consistency to see your earnings through Google Adsense. With original content, you can earn a decent amount of money using any of these approaches.



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