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Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online with ShareASale



Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online with ShareASale

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is a famous affiliate marketing network, founded in the year 2000. You can use it to find products, to promote as well as earn commission for every referral. It is free to join for everyone.

Any blogger or content creator or YouTuber can use it. There are more than 3900 affiliate programs across 40 categories that you can select from. In other words, ShareASale functions as an intermediary between merchants and affiliates.

Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online with ShareASale

1. Promote a ShareASale Product on Your Blog

Promote a ShareASale product on your blog

This approach is the most effective and well-known for making money online with ShareASale. The foremost step is to create an account with ShareASale. Keep in mind that you must have a website to apply for an affiliate account on this platform.

Follow the steps below to create a ShareASale account:

Step-1: Account Signup:

  1. Click here to sign up for a free account on ShareASale.

  2. Now on the homepage, click on the “Affiliate signup” button available at the uppermost right corner. Alternatively, you can click on the “I want to promote this merchant on my website” button.

  3. You will see a signup form in which you need to fill up your login information like username, password, and country.

  4. After filling in the required information, click on the “Move on to step 2” button.

Step-2: Filling up your website information:

This is the crucial step because the merchant will decide whether to accept or reject your application for joining their affiliate programs depending on your primary website.

  1. In this step, enter your functional website.

  2. Now choose the language of your website.

  3. You will be asked a few questions about your website, answer them. You need to check the box that is applicable.

Step-3: Enter your email address, contact info, and payment info:

To fasten up the approval procedure, enter an email account linked with your domain name.

Next, fill up your contact information like name, address, and payment details. The concluding step is to select your payment method. Choose among direct deposits or checks.

After your application gets approved, go through the below steps to find out a product relevant to your niche.

  1. Go to the ShareASale website and click on “Affiliate Login” for entering your login details.

  2. From the dashboard, click on “Merchants” and then click “Search for Merchants”.

  3. If you previously know the name of the merchant you wish to join then just enter that name inside the search box and click on “Search”. Otherwise, you can browse through the categories or just enter a keyword inside the search box.

  4. Find out the merchant, and click on “Join Program”.

  5. Read and agree to the program agreement. Now click on “Join this program”.

(Wait for the email that will notify you about approval.)

Following is the list of affiliate programs on ShareASale which you can join and promote:

Steps to create an affiliate link from ShareASale

Steps to create an affiliate link from ShareASale:

To begin promoting a product, you have to add a link or a banner to your blog.

  1. From your dashboard, take your mouse on the “Links” and then click on “Get a link/banner”.

  2. In this step, you will be presented with a list of approved merchants.

  3. Choose the merchant that you like to promote, and click on “Get links”.

  4. You will be moved to a page where you can choose banners, text links, create customer links, etc.
  5. It is necessary to obtain a text link, so click on “Get HTML Code”.

  6. After the creation of your affiliate link, it is possible to include it on your website or blog. This process is identical to adding any other links on your blog. Just choose the anticipated words and paste that link you just created.

Click here to learn more on how to promote services and products with affiliate links on ShareASale.

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2. Review Products on ShareASale

There are ample products on ShareASale. The finest way to earn money from these products is to test and after that review them. No need to worry because most products come with a free trial.

The 3 established techniques of reviewing products that are assured to generate revenue are:

  1. Positive reviews: Convey your reads about the benefits of the product you tested. You need to share its features, how it works and reason to like it.

  2. Negative reviews: In this, you have to share your real experience about how the product is horrible. Mention what are its disadvantages and why readers should not go for it.

  3. Comparisons: Compare one product with another and select a winner.

3. Create a Resource Page

Another excellent way to promote affiliate products on ShareASale is by creating a resource page on your blog. Resource pages perform nicely because anyone who reads it will be fascinated by knowing how you use them and may end up with a purchase.

Keep in mind that you will be a reader’s mentor. Since they trust you, they are on your blog.

Click here to know more about how to create a resource page.

4. Create Pinterest Pins

Create Pinterest Pins for ShareASale

A lot of affiliates are making considerable money through affiliate sales on Pinterest. It is well-known that Pinterest pins can let you earn money without writing a blog post.

You need to create an account on Pinterest if you don’t have one. Now begin promoting your ShareASale products on Pinterest. You just need to create an appealing pin. Instead of adding a website URL on your pin, make sure to add your affiliate link.

The next thing is to reveal about your pins. Let everyone know that they are actually pinning on an affiliate pin. Inside your pin description, you need to add an affiliate link. A lot of people have already tried this method and it earned them a lead commission.

Click here to know more about using affiliate links on Pinterest.

Final Words

ShareASale houses plenty of products that you can promote or review or try any other approach for making money. Once you know the right approach, the process is easy.



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